The Different Options

Image of high density foam custom bed available in orthopedic firm, supreme medium, and ultra foam softest pillow top version.

High Density Foam – Urethane foam, light weight

  • Available in 3 types of Firmness:
    • Orthopedic (Firm)
    • Supreme (Medium)
    • Ultra Foam (Softest)- Pillow Top Version

Any thickness is available

Image of a hand crafted Zeno latex mattress also available in an ultra latex pillow top version.

Latex Rubber – All Natural Foam

  • Ultra Latex- Pillow Top Version
  • Genuine all natural latex rubber mattresses

Image of a memory foam mattress with high density foam and memory foam. Can be customized to your  needs.

Memory Foam- High Density foam and Memory foam (Visco)

  • Standard Size- 3in. Memory Foam on a 5in. piece of High Density Foam

(Can be custom altered)

Image of an innerspring mattress available in orthopedic firm, pillow soft medium, and ultra pillow top softest versions.

Innerspring – Starting at 7in. thick and up

Available in 3 types of Firmness:

  • Orthopedic (Firmest)
  • Pillow soft (Medium)
  • Ultra Innerspring – Pillow top version (Softest)

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