Our History

Image of Zeno logo.
Image of Zeno Mattress founders Lou, Joe (senior), and Joe.
Image of Zeno Mattress founders Lou, Joe (senior), and Joe Zeno.

It all started in the 1930s  the family worked for a mattress company called Sealy in Amsterdam, New York. They eventually moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL to work for another mattress company called Shaw Mattress (who’s been out of business for decades now). After that they then decided to open their own family mattress and furniture company. Later they hired other employees on an as needed basis. Zeno’s showroom not only included custom mattresses, but also home furniture at that time. This furniture could be used throughout a house. They specialized in bedroom, living room, dining room furniture. They also made Bahama beds, and corner groups.  Zeno Mattress MFG. Co. Inc. became one of the largest mattress and furniture retail businesses in the south Florida area during its highest time. Many of our customers included popular hotels, mom and pop inns, and also Chris Craft. Working with Chris Craft Yachts helped us become a high-quality custom marine mattresses company that we are today.

Currently, the business continues to thrive and is still being run by the Zeno Family.

Image of Zeno Mattress factory in fort Lauderdale

–Millions Are Made On a Zeno Mattress–