Zeno Mattress customized Zeno ultra foam with hinge, to fit v-berth and various storage restrictions for the marine industry.

Custom mattresses & bedding for any shape or size.

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  • Boats
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We manufacture our mattresses, and base foundations.

Custom made mattresses to fit any size or shape. We offer a full line of innerspring, pillow tops, high density foam and genuine latex rubber mattresses. Our manufacturing facilities fulfill custom orders to your exact specifications.

Zeno has been in the business of making custom mattresses for yachts and homes for over 55 years. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida our spacious showroom and workshop, with hand skilled craftsmen, can produce mattresses in any shape or form for you. Drawing on the experience gained over three generations, no order is too big, to small or too difficult, from a 9 foot by 12 foot bed, to a foam bolster.

Image of completed Zeno Mattress on display. Queen size
Zeno Mattress ultra innerspring mattress for the home.
Custom Zeno mattress round in a luxurius home master bedroom.
Zeno Mattress ultra latex customized round bed for the home.

At Zeno Mattress, we fabricate in a variety of materials and thicknesses. We also fabricate innerspring mattresses and we give you a choice of latex rubber, urethane, or foam. All of our mattresses are designed for your lifestyle, and can be made to fold or have a hinge.

Our mattresses can have a pillow top for additional comfort. Whether hinged or not, beveled or straight edged, your mattress is custom fitted to your boat or home. And of course we deliver or ship directly to your home or boat.

All Zeno mattresses can be made to fit in those tight spaces if necessary but can also be made as large as necessary. Try our latex rubber mattress, it’s the best.

Visit our showroom, where all the mattresses are on display. Try one for comfort and firmness. We will sit with you and help you pick out the mattress that best suits your needs. A good nights sleep can make or break your boating day so buying a bed from a reputable firm is crucial.

Image of custom made luxurious memory foam Zeno Mattress for a Ferretti 65.
Zeno Mattress custom made luxurious memory foam mattresses for a Ferretti 65.

We are Fort Lauderdale’s oldest and largest mattress manufacturer and we look forward to serving you.

Before you consider buying from anyone else,  please sleep on it.

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